Home Internet

I-World will provide your home and entire family with the most cost-effective high-speed WI-FI Internet.
Our Home WI-FI is designed and built for Home Entertainment, Security, 4K Smart TV Streaming without buffering and Gaming.
Our Home WI-FI is also optimized for Netflix, ShowMax Amazon Video, YouTube, Apple TV, Spotify, and numerous streaming platforms.

Our Home Internet features.

Unlimited Data

No Data limit, No throttle, No Dongle and you can connect multiple devices at any time. You can download and stream as you like.

WI-FI Coverage for the Entire Home

We will blanket your entire home with WI-FI coverage so that you can stay connected wherever you are in your Home.

Senior Citizen Discount

I-World Networks celebrate our senior citizens with 25% discount on all I-World Services including monthly subscription for their home internet service.

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Referral Pay Discount

Every time you refer your friend or family to subscribed to our home internet, you will get the next subscription FREE.

No Buffering for Smart TV and Streaming Devices

Our Home WI-FI is designed and built for streaming and home entertainment. The low latency and high bandwidth optimized for 4K streaming without buffering.

Optimized for Gaming

Are you a gamer? Our Home Internet is the best choice for home gaming and gaming centers. We will provide you with a dedicated custom plan that will meet your bandwidth demand and provide you with the best gaming experience.

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Optimized for Home Security

I-World Home Internet is enabled for all your home security gadget so that you can view and monitor your home and properties anywhere you are in the world with smart security camera, surveillance and alarm system.

Travelling and Diasporan Home Internet

Looking for a cost-effective way to stay connected to your properties and loved ones in Nigeria while living abroad or traveling? Our custom home internet plan provides various speed options whether you're in or out of Nigeria.

Choose your Preferred Plan

Need an Advance WI-FI Router? (Optional)

Router 1
Wall Mount Mesh.
Router 1
Gaming Router for Gamers
Router 1
Tabletop Air Cube WI-FI Router
Router 1
Mesh Router for bigger homes.
Router 1
Roof Mount Uni-fi WI-FI 6 Access point
Router 1
Power Backup
How to choose a Service plan that suits your home and lifestyle?


Optimized for Streaming and Home Entertainment

Ideal for Small Family

Connect multiple gadgets

Guarantee speed all time

Optimized for Home Security real time monitoring

Unlimited Data

H-Max (Most Popular)

Optimized for Streaming and Home Entertainment

Ideal for Small & Medium Sized Family

Connect multiple gadgets

50% more guaranteed Internet Speed than H-Lite

Optimized for Home Security and real time monitoring

Unlimited Data


Optimized for Streaming, Home Entertainment and Gaming

Ideal for all family size, remote workers, and Home Office

Connect multiple gadgets

100% more guaranteed Internet speed than H-Lite

Optimized for Home Security, real time online monitoring and IOT (Internet of Things)

Unlimited Data

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Our Service Delivery Process to Your Home
Step 1

Complete our Service Request Form

Step 2

On-site Assessment and Survey

Step 3

Installation & Activation of Home Internet Service

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I-World Home Internet coverage
  • Abeokuta
  • Agbara & Agbara Industrial Estate
  • Akure
  • Ibadan
  • Ibadan - Abeokuta Expressway
  • Ijebu Ode
  • Mowe, Ibafo, Magboro & Lagos-Ibadan Expressway
  • Oshogbo
  • Sango Ota
  • Shagamu