Social Media Outpour Of Hate For Ex Anambra State Gov Dr C Mbadinuju, Have We Lost It Because of Social Media.

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Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju, Former Governor Of Anambra State

  • The first Governor of Anambra state during the fourth republic, Ex Governor Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju popularly known as “Odera” who was recently seen at the Anambra State funeral ceremony of the late statesman the former vice president  Dr Alex Ekwueme, has received so much hatred from the public and people of Anambra state.

    The Ex Governor attracted so much attention the moment he entered the venue of the state burial at Ekwueme Square, Dr Mbadinuju is rarely seen in public since his time as the governor of Anambra state.

    Post after post in social media shows the amount of venom and hatred that the people of the state have for their former governor.

    It also shows how short sighted and un-informed and brainwashed the people have become, for it appears that many are not capable of analysing situations critically instead they go with what is popular and this is why the leaders of today especially in the southeast of Nigerian has resolved in employing hundreds of aids in the name of specials assistants to help launder their image using new media like social media, and viral videos and in doing so, they achieve the dumbing down of the people even further and  have ample opportunity to behave undisturbed like Demi gods instead of servants of the people.

    An attempt by a poster to state the positives that the man Dr Mbadinuju did which actually, going by today’s governors standards and what he had to face during his time, considering that he inherited an antiquated state under nearly 20 years of military rule, which was not just infrastructural decay and a comatose economy but also a masses with a mindset so frustrated that nothing could be enough.

    Dr Mbadinuju who looked frail in the pictures making rounds (though the looks could be attributed to old age) did not even wear the burial uniform which many mourners at the event wore neither did he wear his traditional white senator and red cap, rather he was dressed in a simple short sleeve shirt and tie. Dr Mbadinuju governed Anambra at the onset of the fourth democratic rule that the state and Nigerians are still currently enjoying. However, the people of the state and indeed the entire southeast region and Nigeria in general can be said to have been worst off under the current democracy but the people of the state have labelled him to be the worst leader that the state has ever produced.

    Many commentators’ ironically relate their hatred of the man Mbadinuju to personal experiences, many say that either a parent was not paid salary during the time of the ex governor, or that a pension was not paid or that they were not able to study during the reign of Dr Mbadinuju. Sadly this all relates to  civil servants strike and owing of pensioners which almost 1999-2003 Post Military regime State Governments found themselves, we can boldly say that those issues during this time was not only in Anambra state but a widespread occurrence during the time.

    Among the things that Dr Mbadinuju did in Anambra, state during his tenure includes but not limited to the following:

    • Mbadinuju built and established Anambra state university,
    • Mbadinuju gave free Education to Primary school students (though the application of this free education can be questioned).
    • Mbadinuju built housing estates in the state capital Awka and in the commercial city of Onitsha.
    • Mbadinuju built many roads in the state amongst many other achievements.
    • Mbadinuju during his time took security very seriously though his method for achieving the security has many people scattering to different directions.
    • It is important to state that Mbadinuju battled the worst Godfatherism that Nigeria has ever seen during his time; those same elements resulted in the burning of the government house and kidnap of the state governor who happens to be Mbadinuju’s successor. The man himself once revealed in an interview how he was forced to pay his godfather a stipulated amount of money monthly during his tenure as Anambra governor which he said hindered progress in the state.

    The above however is not to say that the man was a saint or that he did so well during his tenure, many should remember the infamous statement which caused so much animosity between the then governor and pensioners in the state when he the governor referred to pensioners in the state as “Dead Woods”,  or the infamous case of the murder of   Barnabas Igwe and Amaka his wife, the then state Chairman of the Nigeria Bar Association, Onitsha branch, though ex-Governor was never charged of these murders until date, however, there were many rumours linking his administration to the murders,  these are events that marred his tenure in office and all part of what has given him a bad name.

    One thing is for certain, Dr Mbadinuju unlike many Governors and those in power during his time and even today have not amassed so much wealth for himself, the man today lives in moderate means. The public hatred against him is a sign of how impatient and uncritical Nigerians are, there must be many today who have done worst than Dr Mbadinuju that are being hailed and idolised all over the place because they have amassed so much wealth and are throwing same around and that has gained them recognition by the gullible Nigerian Masses. One can boldly say that no Nigerian state governor especially in the Southeast either serving or served have done differently for the people, the problem is that the people are too blind to see what their problems are and where they are coming from.

    Take Anambra state today for example. There has been so much talk about Willy is Working (being the term currently being used by hundreds of Governor Willie Obiano's Faithfull’s apparently created by his media machine) and The governor has won a second term whether the people of the state voted for him or the votes are bought we will never know, but the truth is that people are not busy analysing the quality of the work that is being done but have remain in confused by the more you look the less you see that is daily being unleashed upon them especially in the advent of the new media.

    The Pictures Making Rounds:


    The Former Governor Arriving The Venue.

    Some Social Media Comments.

Source : IWN Online Editor

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