Ebonyi State Legislator Hon Maria Ude Nwachi Replies To Those Trying To Tarnish Her Image By Digging Up Her Past.

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Hon Maria Uche Udechi: Member Ebonyi State House Of Assembly.

  • Sunday Sep 24- The delectable and super industrious member of Ebonyi state house of assembly Hon Maria Ude Nwachi, popularly known as Afikpo Chic. Today through her Facebook page responded to detractors and those bent on tarnishing her image by writing some unsavoury things about her in some media houses in Nigeria and online.

    A recent article published on 247ureports.com accused the hardworking legislator and a preacher for Igbo renaissance and awakening of so many unprintable things. The article posted an interview the legislator had (we believe must be between 1998 to 2001) with an American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, and photographer Mr Howard Allan Stern.

    The article appeared to be laced with bitterness and vendetta; it is not yet clear the motive for such an article, it made some allegations which are hard to beleive and the writer ended by saying "Don’t vote for this idiot, no election in Igbo land"

    It not clear as of yet if the writers of the article or their sponsors have a bone to pick with the legislator, however, the article does smell as a smear campaign against the Ebonyi Born Legislator, Image maker and Entreprenuer.

    Hon Nwachi in her usual jovial self responded with the below article to those who may have an intention to put her down. One thing that is very certain though is that this woman has been open about her past in many occasions, so it is not very clear what those behind the article intend to achieve with the story.

    Meanwhile social media has become abuzz with many condemning the writers of the article and support for her is growing even stronger, a hash tag #IStandWithAfikpoChic is currently trending on Facebook for her support.

    One thing is for certain, Whatever your opinion of this super industrious Igbo lady of substance, the truth is and remains that everyone has a past and its not about what you did but what you are currently doing. she have done well for herself to achieve such amount of success in the US as an immigrant.

    Hon Nwachi though seem to have put her past behind her and is using her expereince for the benefit of her people, and we can certainly say she has learned a lot from her past and we are looking forward to seeing more positive things from stables especially as it concerns Nigeria and Ndi Igbo. The only thing we hopet is that she will surround herself with the right type of individuals and aids that will help her foster her goals not yes Ma type of sycophants which Nigeria appear to have a lot of.

    Read her response below.


    Smear Merchants on Prowl - On Rampage! Brick Wall!!!

    What smear merchants have never understood is that when they bring up a person's past, they are letting the world know one thing; that the person HAS COME A LONG WAY. E no easy. It is a promotion. Never a downgrade. I am super proud of my past and present; I own it; for without my past; good or bad, my present will not be this sterling! My consciousness will not be this super-expanded. The going can only get better. My vast experiences (good and bad) in life created the person I am today; a person with an unshakable personal integrity; that money cannot in a million years buy or tamper with. Money knows how I deal with it, I rubbish it; by using it for what it is mean't to be used for; mostly to make life easier for others, to carry others along, to rubbish those things held so high and mighty by the upper-class by making it reachable & accessible to others, including the have-nots, less privileged & downtrodden; to the best of my ability.

    I will NEVER ever cower. I will NEVER be intimidated by anyone or any mob. Any attempt by anyone or group to bum-rush me, shake me, or intimidate me, will hit a solid brick-wall. There is never even enough time in the world for me to read all the brain-enriching things I wanna read, and other positive & joy-inducing activities. You will be dealing with a wall, as I will NEVER be distracted by any clandestine activity & time-wasting frivolity. I will always speak truth, and defend it, no matter the consequence. I have been in the area of news & information dissemination since 1990; which started in the US. I started the first major news page in FB Nigeria in 2009. I will always share my views concerning any news, information or topic of my fancy. And I must say it as is. I am a realist. I can never double-speak, speak in forked tongue or cover up facts, to please anyone; once I write on an issue. I am almost 47 years old; a bonafide middle-aged woman. When I write, I majorly tap from my expansive, vast & colorful experiences in life, my errors & triumphs; which counts for something. If even one person learn something for my point of view, that is one person too many and I am quite satisfied. Because life is about constant learning; that is why I am a voracious reader. I cannot spend even a second worrying about something I know I did right, and for the right reasons. And If I am ever legitimately found wanting, I will apologize without a single excuse and retrace my steps instantly. Serving humanity, in any capacity possible is my major aim in life, more so now than ever. And I will always serve myself last. Nothing can distract me from it. Nothing. Up up I go. To those I was elected to serve, your burden is my burden. My actions, your confirmation. There is nothing the people that gave birth to me, Ali Ehugbo (Afikpo), does not know about me, nothing! Nothing is hidden under the sun. My life is an open book. I hide nothing. And nothing warrants being hidden.

    MANUFACTURE: The funny thing is that each group of BCEL smear merchants keeps bringing up the same thing over and over. They are so pained that there is nothing else to to bring up. So they keep going back to an 18 years old narrative, LOL. Can't they just manufacture another thing? Because BCEL, a moving train, has since left the station. Hahaha.

    MY ADVISE TO YOU: Smear merchants do not go for losers, they go for the meat. If they target you, clap for yourself, high-five yourself, you are doing well. They will also create false stories on you to dive home their point, do not shake, for truth is always constant and will prevail eventually over falsehood. When devious and small-minded people are intimidated by your present and future they bring up your past. Some of them will become blackmailers which is the dirtiest thing anyone can become. Too dirty. That is why even in the civilized world, law enforcement agents treat blackmailers like disposable tissues. In movies, they are obliterated like chickens. In life, anything can befall them. Respect your past. Your past is part of your life, without that past you might not have the wonderful present and beautiful future that awaits you. Your past is what makes the total sum of you. Do not cry over it, do not regret it, own it, see it as what reshaped you to be the best you can now. Remember: Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.

    It takes great strength, resilience and determination for a person to create a presence that is so intimidating that some feel the need to revert to your past to pull you down. What matters is now not yore. What matters is what you are doing in your life now. Not your youthful indiscretions and past errors. Do not ever ever shake or cower when dirty blackmailers start hitting. The irony of life is that if you ever have the chance to dig into the lives of blackmailers, yours might look like that of a saint to compare with theirs, but you do not and should never have such chance. Be too busy improving your life and being the best you can; to ever have time to give a second thought to what you can do to damage any human.

    NOTE TO SMEAR FANS: What you must know about blackmailers and smear merchants is that they are not restricted to smearing your favorite target, once a dirty blackmailer is a dirty blackmailer, eventually they will also do the same to you when they get a chance and there is always a chance; being that human beings are not perfect. Therefore, if you are the type that claps for blackmailers, and eggs them on, and cheer them on, remember that the same blackmailer you are clapping for can also blackmail and smear you; when your time arrives.


    Yours truly,
    Maria Ude Nwachi (Afikpo Chic).



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