Dr Henrick Clark Speaking To The African & Black People World Over.

Dr. Henrick Clarke Speaking Some Hard Truth To The Black Race.

He Posits that nothing ever brought by the Europeans/American's into Africa is ever for the benefit of the Blackman & Africans But Rather to Help Facilitate The Continuos Domination Of The World By The European White.

He said that everything has its origin from Africa and there is no exception.

Dr. Clarke is the topmost preacher of black awareness and renaissance, up-till date no one has come close and real to his preachings and rhethorics.

Dr. Clarke's Rhethorics exudes truth and deep understanding, it is hoped that many people of Black/African origins will rise to follow, not just his teachings but act on them.

The Only Way For An African Renaissance is by Emancipation of the Mind Of AFricans From Mental Slavery for only Under this Conditions Will There Be Positive Growth In The Continent.

This is a recommended MUST WATCH for those looking to empower themselves and emancipate their minds from the shackles of mental slavery.


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